Pavement is our prime interest. We also complete our own demolition, land clearing, earthwork, underground utility installation and removal, excavation and trucking, joint seal, airfield lighting, and pavements recycling.

Santa Clara Divide Rd

Following a major storm event in 2018 Forest Service road 3N17 suffered significant damage and was impassable and presented a danger to the downstream highway due to the potential of further erosion This project consisted of mass excavation to accommodate an engineered mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) wall in two separate locations, the walls were constructed […]

NASA, Edwards Air Force Base CA

Due to years of deferred maintenance, 100% of the parking areas and roadways at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center required to be either repaired or replaced. Permanent personnel needed daily access to buildings and facilities, therefore Cutting Edge set up five phases of construction to minimize impact throughout the center. Coordination between Cutting Edge, NASA […]

Pier G Bollard Replacement

Replaced inadequate mooring bollard to meet the growing needs of an updated and more frequent cargo ships docking at Pier G, as well as a new light pole for safety. The Scope of Work included temporary traffic control, demolition of 8” thick existing asphalt pavement, export of surplus material, stockpile and testing, import and compaction […]


With the cancelation of the Shuttle Program, NASA had 15 individual sites that needed to be demolished to make way for future programs. Work included: complete building demos both metal and block, metal canopy demo, concrete and asphalt demo, landscaping demo, generator decommission, new concrete sidewalks, curbs and gutters, and asphalt, extensive electrical rework, new […]

Repair Brown rd., Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Base.

2 phases of construction were required for low impact of daily operations to office and training facilities. 3 roads were completely demolished and removed, and graded to NAVFAC specifications to also alleviate flood conditions. Extensive traffic control plans, scheduling and notification between contractor and customer was essential for a successful project. Approximately 5000 tons of […]

Edwards AFB, Plant 42 AFB and Ft Irwin, CA

Cutting Edge Concrete Services Inc. was awarded an IDIQ contract with multiple task orders consisting of repairing and renovating parking lots, roads, airfield shoulders, taxiways and main runways. Scope of work included; pulverized in place asphalt, redesign roadways, grading, import and export of material, compact subgrade and finish grade, demolition of existing concrete structures and […]


Cutting Edge constructed a new 736 square foot 24 inch thick concrete foundation, with limited equipment access, on top of a hill to support three (3) 10,000 gallon HDPE Fire water storage tanks including appurtenances & accessories. Installed 220 L.F of 6” and 8” HDPE waterline piping delivery system supported by above ground pipe supports […]

Coso Junction

Safety edge was required on two (2) mile stretch of highway 395, from mile marker 20 through 22. Work included 5800 cubic yard of roadway excavation, 2200 tons of new asphalt in a specialty shoulder paver, removal of boulders in recovery zones, new corrugated drain pipes across the highway with flared ends and riprap, and […]

Pinto Basin Rd. – Joshua Tree National Park

Project Relevance: Re-Construction and repair of 10.47 miles of road. Asphalt pulverization, road survey, road grading, widening, realignment, compaction and testing. Placed over 28,890 tons of FHWA spec Super Pave asphalt, compaction and testing. Provided and assembled gabion and revetment matt’s. Demolish existing curb and provided new Colored curb, sidewalk, cross gutter and handicap ramps. […]

Military Aircraft Sunshades – Edwards AFB

Cutting Edge provided and installed ten 70’ wide x 80’ long x 35’ high aircraft sun shades, six on Ramp 8S and, 4 on Ramp 8N at the Edwards AFB F-35 complex. This was a design build project that required a complete concrete study for its strength and joint locations. The final design took this […]

NASA Project – Edwards AFB

Cutting Edge performed all demolition, electrical, grading and concrete placement and finishing operations for this project. Features include removing 14″ thick concrete and replacing it with 16″ reinforced 650 psi Flexural strength conc. The 2 areas were aircraft parking aprons and taxiways between buildings 4801 and 4826 located at NASA’s Neil Armstrong flight research. Formerly […]

Heritage Park Project- Riverbed Landscape After

Heritage Park Improvement Project

Heritage Park Improvements Project consisted of the installation of multiple custom shade structures throughout the base. The creation of a new recreation area at the Marine Corp Command office. Designing and installing new pull up bars and concrete pads at the Marine Corp physical training center. The design and installation of 15,000 square feet of new landscape that included […]

Cahuilla Tewanet Deck

This project consisted of the demolition and reconstruction of the existing decking and substructure of the Cahuilla Tewanet Overlook located within the San Bernardino National Forest. Due to the existing structural concerns, concrete footings were replaced although portions of the existing railings were protected and utilized for the reconstruction as well as historical markers and […]

Ventura Harbor

Approximately 90,000 Metric Ton of Armor Stone type rock has been quarried by Cutting Edge at 3 Corps of Engineers approved quarries; and transported to our lay-down area at Ventura Harbor California.  Cutting Edge then loads the rock aboard barges and transports it to the detached breakwater for placement by derrick crane.  This project has […]

Anacapa Stairs Project After Completion

Channel Islands National Park – Anacapa Island

The project entails the removal and replacement of an existing metal staircase on Anacapa Island. Anacapa Island is part of Channel Islands National Park and all necessary means will be taken to ensure its preservation and cleanliness. The mooring platform at Anacapa Cove has a thirty year old metal staircase that through the years of […]

F-22 Aircraft Parking Apron – Hickam AFB, Hawaii

Design-Bid-build of a new aircraft parking apron in support of the Hawaii Air National Guard (HIANG) F-22 fighter program. Project highlights include, Site and sub grade preparation to accommodate 22,000 square yards of Slip form concrete paving, New High mast lighting, Clear water rinse facility, Airfield edge lighting, relocation and upgrades to existing utilities. Challenges […]