Bourke Road – Twentynine Palms, CA

Bourke Road Asphalt Paving

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Project Scope

This project entailed the complete removal and replacement of pavements within the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center at Twentynine Palms Bourke Road which is one of the main artery through the installation.

The project began at 1st. street and extended 500 feet beyond 9th. street totaling 172,000 SF. Through value engineering, Cutting Edge pulverized and removed the tailings to be used at a later date as base material for the project. The project originally called for a 12” over-excavation, but due to utility interference at that depth and in place compaction testing results which met project specifications, this portion of the project was omitted and the funds were utilized elsewhere in the placement of sidewalks and additional HMA pavements placed by Cutting Edge.

Cutting Edge performed the staking, pulverizing, placement and compaction of base materials, placement of HMA PG-7010, as well as all utility raising and striping. This project originally had 7 phases but was performed and completed in 2 with an additional period in which Cutting Edge performed a design build project utilizing funding from omitted portions of the original project to install a sidewalk and a cross-gutter to prevent future flooding in specific areas during the monsoon season.

Much of this project was design build as approximately 80% of the previously engineered drawings conflicted with field engineering. No re-work items were identified on this project as a pro-active quality control plan was utilized to ensure customer satisfaction. This project was completed simultaneously with another Asphalt paving project with nearly the same value. Both projects were performed utilizing the same equipment and manpower in a leap-frog approach in which the schedules did not over-lap in the construction schedule.

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