Channel Islands National Park – Anacapa Island

Anacapa Island Stairs Replacement

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Project Scope

The project entails the removal and replacement of an existing metal staircase on Anacapa Island. Anacapa Island is part of Channel Islands National Park and all necessary means will be taken to ensure its preservation and cleanliness.

The mooring platform at Anacapa Cove has a thirty year old metal staircase that through the years of bad weather has deteriorated to the point that it cannot be safely used by the public. It is for this reason that Anacapa Island is closed to the public. Multiple methods for replacing the staircase have been considered. The existing crane at the island has been red-tagged and cannot be used to aid in the project. A barge and floating crane configuration was initially considered but it was quickly realized that the potential for safety problems was too high of a risk. In addition, the Anacapa Cove is a very confined space and the risk of damage to the cliffs in the cove is overwhelming.

Cutting Edge has chosen to employ a Sky-Crane heavy lift helicopter to aid in the performance of the staircase replacement. The Ventura Port District has agreed to allow the property adjacent to the National Park Service offices in Ventura harbor to serve as the staging area for helicopter operations with the understanding that all steps will be taken to ensure the integrity of the site. The main purpose of this project is to again allow the Public access to their National Park.

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