Santa Clara Divide Rd

103FHWA Santa Clara Divide Road (Angeles National Forest)

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Project Scope

Following a major storm event in 2018 Forest Service road 3N17 suffered significant damage and was impassable and presented a danger to the downstream highway due to the potential of further erosion This project consisted of mass excavation to accommodate an engineered mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) wall in two separate locations, the walls were constructed with a geo-composite sheet drain system and perforated collector pipe assemblies to capture and divert any water that may enter behind the walls. Select granular backfill was placed in 6” lifts and compacted to a minimum of 95% maximum density. We produced and placed 3”-6” rock from our own source for the face of the wall, and with the MSE wall completed to GPS surveyed lines and grades the face was stained with an approved color to blend in with the natural surroundings, 200’ of guardrail system MGS type 4 was placed with a terminal section type MGS tangent at each end. 65’of a 24” corrugated metal drainage culvert was positioned at each end of the MSE wall, Provided and placed type 4 rip rap and erosion control blankets. Upon completion of the walls and guardrails 4″ of Caltrans specification Hot mix asphalt was placed and compacted to repair the previously destroyed roadway. Managed and provided traffic control throughout the project and maintained erosion control plan throughout the course of construction, as a project requirement we monitored and protected environmentally sensitive wildlife and vegetation during the construction of the project. CECS self performed all aspects of construction with the minor exception of material and soil testing by a third party

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