Marine Corps Logistics Base – Barstow, CA

Installation of Water Main and Hydrant System

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Project Scope

Cutting Edge Concrete Services performed the complete excavation for and placement of a new 6” water main with service to building 226 and hydrant system located at building 226 and Joseph Ball Ave. Approx. 1200 LF of 6” mainline was installed per AWAA specifications.

The project entailed the crossing of a large rip-rap drainage system which required the placement of restraining collars and slurry placement to incase and protect the pipeline from future storm water run-off. Once the crossing was completed the rip-rap was replaced and wrap was placed with chain-link to support the integrity of the rip-rap instead of grouting.

The main-line crossing through the parking area at Building 226 required the saw-cut and removal of AC pavements. Once the service and main-line portions were installed, Cutting Edge performed the AC patching and utilized its vacuum sweeper truck to bring the parking area to its original condition of cleanliness.

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