Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center – Twentynine Palms, CA

Reclamation of Pavements, Brown & 3rd. Streets

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Project Scope

Cutting Edge Concrete Services performed the complete survey, pulverizing, rough grading, compaction, placement and compaction of base material, finish grade, soils testing, placement of HMA PG-7010 in two lifts, utility raising, as well as all traffic control and striping.

The project volume consisted of R&R roadway pavements within MCAGCC totaling 104,875 SF. Much of the work involved streets with high vehicular and pedestrian traffic index’s where time was a significant factor. This project originally had six phases but was completed in three. Weather played a large role in maintaining project schedule as it was completed during the coldest portion of the year and three pave dates were pushed back to ensure quality control.

The Brown Road portion was completed in two weeks (two phases) as this area is the main drive to the installation exchange and fire department. Much of the project was completed utilizing design-build as the previously prepared drawings conflicted with field engineering. In order to provide the customer with a useable and satisfactory end product, value engineering was employed to ensure over-all satisfaction.

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